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stablished in 1985, Elmo's began in a converted two-story house in downtown Brownsville selling barbecue ribs, sandwiches and other delectables.  Later, Ike and Dana Polacek expanded the business to include videotape rentals, and was the first in the area to offer Laserdiscs for rent as well.  In 1988, they started to dabble in the then emerging home computer market, selling Commodore 64s and the Commodore Amiga and Video Toaster systems.  Now, Elmo's sells custom built computer systems to consumers and businesses and offers a complete in house upgrade and repair service with 8 skilled technicians on staff.

     On Thanksgiving weekend, 1999, Elmo's moved into it's new building, a converted hundred year old Synagogue.  It took nearly 3 years to complete the renovations, including repointing of all masonry, brand new bathrooms, completely redone plumbing, electrical and heating/air conditioning, and a brand  new modern kitchen.  All of the stained glass windows were  removed and shipped to MCMurray to be reconditioned by The Glassworks Studios.

     The new location features a new modern kitchen, a coffee bar serving cappuccino, lattes and many fine pastries and desserts, public internet access terminals, a lounge area with a large screen TV, and lan/on-line gaming featuring the hottest multi-player games.